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Virgin Voyages is on a mission to create an Epic Sea Change for all, leaving sailors (that's what you are... a sailor, right?) transformed for the better while also truly caring for communities, oceans and environments.

The Virgin Voyages sailor is curious and in search of the authentic. Seeking out big-city vibes and small town experiences. Craving the best and the latest. Knowing you're only as old as you live, and living well is a priority. Fresh, adventurous, the mindset is always positive. Virgin Voyages sailors are a selective bunch, who find cultural currency in discovering something truly different. Welcome aboard... we can't wait to help you craft your own unique experience.

Departing from Miami, your voyage gets a jump-start to fun...


Nothing on This Voyage is the 'Usual'...

Modern, yacht-inspired aesthetic and clever cabin tech make for more than just a space to live in away from home. There is a cabin to suit every taste and desire, don't believe us? Take a look and SEA for yourself...


Not Your Average Dining at Sea...

With more than 20 onboard eateries there's no shortage of ways to satisfy your inner (or outer) foodie...


Ready to sail away on fantastic Virgin Yoyages?

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 - Love's Holiday - 

February 12, 2022
Pre-Cruise Mixer in Miami
Land Based Event
7:00PM (EST)
February 13, 2022
Miami (USA)
7:00PM (EST)
February 14, 2022
At Sea
February 15, 2022
Costa Maya
Port Stop
February 16, 2022
At Sea
February 17, 2022
The Beach Club at Bimini (Bahamas)
Port Stop/Private Island
February 18, 2022
Miami (USA)
6:30AM (EST)

The Beach Club at Bimini is a destination all its

own... and it isn't what you're use to...

Special promotions for groups of 20 sailors or more, with exclusive perks for group leaders!